boardFood Hamper Program

We offer perishable and non perishable food items, once a month. The amount allotted depends of the size of the family.




Emergency Kit Food Program

In addition to our monthly food hamper program, we offer 2 emergency kits (per year) to clients that need extra help!

Fresh Optionsproduce

We strive to provide our clients with as many fresh options as possible. We continue to work towards growth of our fresh food program.

Baby Shelf Program

If you have an infant under the age of one and need help, inquire about our free “Baby Shelf Program”. You can access diapers, formula, and baby food. If you have a child between the ages of 1 and 3, you can get milk for your child.

Bottles for Babies Program

This is an ongoing fundraiser to provide our baby services. We accept donations of beer bottles & cans, wine bottles & alcohol bottles, and pop cans. These may be dropped off at our head office in Prescott.

Kids Snack Packs

This program varies depending on funding. When funding is available, we offer a snack pack which includes milk, yogurt and many other different items for children.

Free Income Tax Service

The Volunteer Bureau of Leeds Grenville provides trained volunteers to perform free income tax services.

For an appointment please call 613-498-2111 ext. 374

Plant A Row/Grow A Row

When you are planting your garden this year, grow an extra row for the food bank!

Community Garden

If you are interested in starting a community garden, please contact us.