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Benefits of Being a Food Bank Volunteer

Make a meaningful contribution to your community.
Learn and develop new skills to grow personally and professionally.
Gain valuable experience to add to your résumé.
Gain motivation and a sense of achievement by helping others.
Meet new people, socialize and have fun!

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South Grenville Food Bank Student Volunteers

Volunteer Hours for Students
At South Grenville Food Bank, high school students can volunteer to get their 40 hours of community service, which is required for graduation. Students may assist with stocking shelves, making posters, assisting with fundraising events and interacting with the community. We always need volunteers, so come on down and get started today!

Volunteer Opportunities
You are matched with jobs you like and are good at. Volunteer opportunities at South Grenville Food Bank include, but are not limited to, the following jobs:

  • serving clients
  • cleaning
  • organizing shelves
  • picking up food
  • collecting bottles/cans
  • working in the warehouse
  • office help
  • client intake
  • yard work
  • becoming a board member
  • volunteering on a committee

To apply please email us at foodforall@bellnet.ca, or phone our volunteer coordinator (613-925-2444, ext. 3).